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Top 12 Best Free Online Business Tools for Startups / Small Businesses (Year 2023)

Financial Management Tools at a glance ( quickbooks vs freshbooks vs expensify ):

Any company must manage its funds effectively. Accounting activities are made simpler by tools like invoicing, spending monitoring, and financial reporting offered by QuickBooks and FreshBooks. Employees can easily submit expense reports and collect receipts thanks to Expensify’s streamlined cost management.

QuickBooks: Streamlining Financial Management


The goal of QuickBooks is to make small business financial administration as simple as possible. It enables businesses to handle invoicing, cost tracking, payroll, and more on one unified platform thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities.

Key Features:

Practical Use Case:

An independent graphic designer can use QuickBooks to track design material costs, invoice clients, and produce reports to assess the financial health of their business.

FreshBooks: Simplifying Accounting for Small Businesses


Another user-friendly cloud-based accounting program designed for freelancers and small business owners is FreshBooks. It provides features to manage billing, tracking expenses, time tracking, and more, making it simple for businesses to keep their finances in order.

Key Features:

Practical Use Case:

A web development studio can use FreshBooks to track project-related expenses like hosting and domain prices, issue thorough invoices to clients, and appropriately bill clients for the hours spent on various projects.

Expensify: Revolutionizing Expense Management


Expensify is a cutting-edge cost management platform that makes expense reporting for organizations easier. It contains features that make expense tracking and management simple, including automated receipt scanning, expense approvals, and reimbursement procedures.

Key Features:

Practical Use Case:

Expensify can be used by a sales team on a business trip to scan receipts for lodging, food, and travel. The software automates categorizing expenditures and providing reports to the finance division for approval and payment.

More effective tracking, reporting, and decision-making can result from incorporating programs like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Expensify into your small business’s financial management plan. These platforms provide the functionality and ease required to maintain the accuracy and organization of your financial procedures.

The potential operation of the subscription plans is described below:

Choosing a pricing plan that meets your company’s needs is often required when subscribing to accounting and cost management software like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Expensify.




For the most recent details on pricing and functionality, be sure to visit the official websites of these tools. Take into account elements like the number of users, the unique requirements of your organization, and any additional features you desire. In addition, some software products provide free trials, which can be an excellent method to determine whether a specific tool fulfills your needs before committing to a subscription.

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